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Over 75% of people suffer from foot pain. Whether it is due to improper footwear, excessive standing or the way we walk – the foot can hurt! The Cluffy P4 Wedge gets to the root of the problem and stops the pain.
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Cluffy products help relieve heel and foot pain, making you want to dance for joy. Our podiatrist-designed products utilize 30 years of clinically proven results, and, with over 500,000 sold, these shoe inserts (and soon – insoles) have helped people regain the life they want to live. Now, it’s your turn.

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Feet can be a major pain. Cluffy can help!

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Over 500,000 sold. An Amazon Choice item.
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Want to stop thinking of your foot pain and start living your life?

Imagine if you no longer had foot pain…

No. Really. Imagine if your foot and heel pain were decreased by 50%. Or 80%. Or 100%. Would you do more of the physical activities you love? Would you work free of pain? What if you could avoid buying costly orthotics or having a foot surgery with a proven, non-invasive solution? What would that be worth it to you?

Well, we have a product you should try.

Well, we think we have something you should try.

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