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We are not about keeping you “addicted” to an insole. We are about changing the foot and changing the way you walk, eliminating your pain, not reducing it, getting to the root cause of your pain, and fixing the problem at the source. All of our Cluffy® products are designed around this concept. You don’t have to worry about the science, but most people have felt better quickly after using our products.

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Happy couple. Free from heel pain.

The trouble with insoles

Comfort. Protection. Support. Relief. Insoles promise many things. However, many people find that these insoles are empty of these promises. They might provide relief for a short period of time but over time, they become less and less effective. Many people express frustrations like these. They have tried over-the-counter insoles and even paid for custom

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Are minimalist shoes good for me?

Minimalist shoes have been a popular topic for the last few years. If you’re a runner, you will have heard about it. Perhaps, you may have contemplated using them or are using them. These shoes are created to simulate barefoot running. Therefore, they generally have little or no stability in the heel and midfoot. Also,

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