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At Cluffy®, we value you as well as your foot. We know you have big dreams for yourself. Heck, we have big dreams for you, too: pain-free feet dreams! And, by our dreams coming true, we hope your dreams come true, too.

- Becky Smith

Highly recommend

Cluffy Wedge Owner

I am an avid hiker, and my bunion and hammer toe had made my daily 4-5 mile hikes become very painful. Through an advertising campaign for the Cluffy wedge insert, I became familiar with the product, and set about testing it out. The relief was instant. I now have the Cluffy wedge in 3 different sets of shoes for all hiking conditions and I could not be more pleased. 

I highly recommend the Cluffy Wedge, the feel and price was so very fair. 

Since using your product, The Lux Step, I have not had any further issues with plantar fasciitis. I always make it a point to use them in my shoes while exercising, walking long distances or if I am on my feet for many hours. It has been truly amazing to have the problem disappear as it has. I use to stretch constantly and slept in one of those horrible boot apparatus- NOT anymore! Thank you for inventing the Lux Step!

– Vivienne A.

Problem disappears!

Lux Step Owner

- Christian MVP

I had horrible shin splints.

Lux Step Owner

I had horrible shin splints which put me out of the running game for a few months but the Lux Step totally solved the problem. They are great! Thanks again for your product! 

My feet hurt most of the time. A friend recommended the Lux Step and I just love them! Relief came almost immediately. Now I tell my friends about them and I have bought another pair!

– Zana N

Relief came almost immediately.

Lux Step Owner

- Nancy G.

I can hike again!

Lux Step Owner

I suffer from heel pain and found the Lux Step insole so comfortable! I am back to my normal workouts and activities  again. I love the arch support because it keeps my foot from rolling to one side. I can hike again!

After a lifetime of running, hiking and biking my feet have taken a real beating. I had a sharp pain in one of my toes and could no longer be active as I liked. I started using the Lux Step insole and relief soon followed and best of all, my pain subsided! I would recommend this product to anyone who has similar discomfort. Get your life back, like me!

– James A.

Get your life back, like me!

Lux Step Owner

- Louis M.

I am 100% better

Lux Step Owner

I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for years, until I bought the Lux Step insoles. I am so delighted with my new insoles! I am 100% better and back to hiking and outdoor activities!

I am 62 years old and I run 25-30 miles a week. I was grateful to hear about the Lux Step! Within a day my I realized my right foot wasn’t hurting anymore!

– Rod K.

My right foot wasn’t hurting anymore!

Lux Step Owner

- Vivian N.

…Has taken my heel pain away!

Lux Step Owner

I’ve tried to wear orthotics my whole life. I have never found anything so comfortable as the Lux Step. This is the first orthotic that has taken my heel pain away!

My physical therapist recommended the Cluffy Wedge after suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for a year. I love running; however, the pain was unbearable. I was forced to reduce my training intensity and duration. My physical therapist advised me to wear the Cluffy Wedge. Once I started using the wedge my pain gradually subsided. The wedge has helped me tremendously and I am able to continue my training pain-free!

– Shyla C.

I am able to continue my training pain-free!

Cluffy Wedge Owner

– Pamela M.

Overnight, my leg cramps are gone!

Lux Step Owner

I bought my Lux Steps about six weeks ago. I put the new Lux Step insoles in my shoes immediately. My balance and walking has improved and truly, overnight, my leg cramps are gone! I love the cushioning and especially the heel pad! I would recommend these to my friends. Thank you Cluffy for inventing this product. I’m so much better!

I had heel pain in my right foot for about 5-6 years and I did exercises that helped. Then, I got the pain in my other foot. My pain was terrible and I could hardly walk. After using the Lux Step and the Heel Pain Relief Kit for 3 weeks, my pain was down to a level 5. At 6 weeks, I had absolutely no pain. I am now starting to walk and exercise and now I am back up to 3 miles a day. Still, pain free! I have not been able to do this for years. My husband bought a pair of Lux Steps. His feet are doing great and his heel pain is resolving, too!

– Patricia S.

Still, pain free!

Lux Step Owner

– A. Mitchel

I’ll stick with the Cluffy Wedge®.  It’s amazing!  Thanks again!

Cluffy Wedge Owner

Thank you so much. I am using the Cluffy Wedge® for the first time today and it is bringing me much relief. I have a 7 mm Morton’s Neuroma between the second and third web space in my right foot. The Cluffy Wedge® is taking the pressure off my toes and preventing the electric shock-like pain I was experiencing.

Thank you for inventing such an extraordinary device!  My podiatrist recommended surgery, which I am avoiding like the plague because I’ve heard that some patients have more pain after surgery.  I’ve also heard that Morton’s Neuromas can return several years post surgery.

In using the Cluffy Wedge® it was not so much a decrease in pain, but a marvelous increase in energy. I have complained about always being or feeling tired ever since my early teens. I am currently 69 years old. Placing the wedge under my big toes brought improvement, but when I doubled-up on the wedges, I had a “miraculous” transformation.

So, this is why everyone else could be so busy, and I had to rest so frequently. The doubling up of the wedges on my right insole proved a bit too much, so I removed one of the wedges from the right insole. I now use a double wedge on my left insole and a single wedge on my right insole. The tremendous increase in energy and the consistent increase in flexibility in both of my feet is beyond words.

– Robert Staunton, CA

I had a “miraculous” transformation.

Cluffy Wedge Owner

– Frank R.

60 years old, Postman

Cluffy Wedge Owner

It’s amazing that something as small as a “wedge” under the big toe can make such a big difference in the way your foot feels while walking. As a mail carrier, how your feet feel while walking, is everything.

Amazing tool! I couldn’t propel prior to using the Cluffy Wedge®. There is now less strain in the ball of my foot, and it is now possible to jog, walk, and hike on an incline with less sensitivity on my first metatarsal head.

– Abby M.

23, Athletic trainer

Cluffy Wedge Owner

– Stuart W.


Cluffy Wedge Owner

I am a runner with an active marathon and ultra-marathon schedule. Dr. Clough has been my Podiatrist for a number of years and has kept me running without interruption. I have been using the Cluffy Wedge® for the last several years and they are an integral part of my injury prevention program.

I am a busy operating room nurse. I am on my feet all day long on hard, concrete floors. As a result, I have suffered from severe heel pain. I have tried everything from custom orthotics to over-the-counter insoles. They would all help a little, but nothing ever really brought me relief …(from) my plantar fasciitis and functional hallux limitus. Since wearing the Cluffy Wedge® over the last 18 months, I have seen an 80% improvement in my heel pain.

– Craig

RN, Operating Nurse

Cluffy Wedge Owner

– Joseph F.

Montana State Class B Doubles Racquetball Champion for 2008

Cluffy Wedge Owner

After working hard for 57 years to stay fit (yup…I’m one of those Baby Boomers), my feet just gave out on me seemingly overnight. I could hardly walk and almost fell down when getting out of bed. Dr. Clough showed me how my big toe joints were not being fully flexed because of a hitch in the first joint. After using the Cluffy Wedge® in both my everyday shoes and my racquetball shoes and adjusting my walk/stride, I had relief almost immediately; I am now pain-free in the balls of my feet and back on my game. I can now play racquetball seven times a week for up to three hours; then it is the fatigue that stops me- not my feet!

My name is Dr. Jeff Schutt. I am a chiropractor who specializes in sports performance. I also coach track and field at Aurora Christian High School in Aurora, Illinois. I performed an informal study utilizing the Cluffy Wedge® product with a group of my track athletes and kids in a P.E. class to see if the wedge would indeed help in improving their running times. What I found was that on average, the times of the athletes improved.

I observed that the athletes who improved their times the most had non-painful structural faults that the Cluffy Wedge® helped correct. The athletes suffering from tendonitis, shin splints, etc., also improved, but their pre-existing pain levels did not allow them to progress as well. Over time the Cluffy Wedge® also helped to relieve these symptoms.

– Dr. J. Schutt

“…the times of the athletes improved.”

Cluffy Wedge Owner

– Tracy Bull

“…made a tremendous difference..”

Cluffy Wedge Owner

I have had pain in my big toe for the last three years. I went to my doctor and had it x-rayed and was told it was wear and tear and nothing could be done. I then went to see a podiatrist who recommended the Cluffy Wedge®; it has made a tremendous difference to the pain in my toe, and I can now walk normally.

I have bilateral bunions, and the one on my right foot was making walking painful. I attended a foot and ankle course and was educated about the Cluffy Wedge®.  I was given some to try. Despite some skepticism initially, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had a significant decrease in pain and was able to resume my daily walks without any pain at all! Amazing! A great product that I’ll be telling my patients about. Thank you!!

– L. Woodman, PT

“I was pleasantly surprised…”

Cluffy Wedge Owner

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