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Cluffy, podiatrist designed Wedge and Lux Step for foot pain
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Cluff Wedge

Cluffy Wedge®

The Cluffy Wedge® is a simple, proven and patented solution for anyone needing relief from their foot pain!


Lux Step® Insole

The Lux Step® insole integrates our
Cluffy Wedge®, a gel heel pad, dynamic
arch design, and wings.

Heel Pain Relief Kit by Cluffy

Heel Pain Relief Kit

The Heel Pain Relief Kit is a home remedy kit that provides  additional support for
your heel pain.


Strassburg Sock

This sock provides an additional stretch for your achilles tendon while you sleep.



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We know foot pain

Most people hate feet. Not us! We study feet, touch feet, and synergize with others who love feet. This is what we do, day in and day out so that we can bring you products that work on eliminating and rooting out heel and foot pain. We have studied and tested the science with thousands of people so that we can help you step better and feel better.

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