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Pain Management Scale

What it helps: In addition to the list of ailments listed on our homepage, the Cluffy Wedge® and Lux Step® have also been proven to relieve some types of ankle pain, leg pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain!

How it works: Our products allow the foot to move as intended. Over time, some areas of the foot that should move do not, and other areas that should not move, do. When this happens it hurts! When normal motion is restored to the foot, you step better/feel better.

Why we’re different: Regular insoles do not actually change the foot. They simply give us comfort…temporarily. We promote greater motion of the foot, specifically targeting the movement of the big toe; recent research indicates that when you move the big toe more, the shape of the foot changes.

We are not about keeping you “addicted” to an insole. We are about changing the foot and changing the way you walk, eliminating your pain, not reducing it, getting to the root cause of your pain, and fixing the problem at the source.

All of our Cluffy® products are designed around this concept. Our Lux Step® insole design provides clinically-proven correction to the foot structure. You don’t have to worry about the science, but most people have felt better quickly after using our products.

Heel pain: Does your heel hurt first thing in the morning after sleeping, when you sit down and then get up, or at the end of the day? Our products get to the root cause of your pain. We don’t just make your feet feel better for a few days; we get rid of the pain for good.

How can we do this? Our unique combination of features balances the foot to allow it to work the way it should. Your pain will most likely continue if you do not correct these functional issues.

Don’t lose hope if you have not had success with other products. We are different; give us a try! Use the formula below to determine the severity of your pain and to determine which products are recommended for you to use. Also check our shoe guidelines, as the right shoe is also very important. Questions? Give us a call.

Foot heel pain relief products from podiatrist

How do I know what product to order if I have heel pain?

Knowing which product to order depends in part on the amount of inability, discomfort, or pain you are experiencing AND how long you have been in pain. Use this formula only if you are suffering from heel pain:

For example, if you were to look at the pain scale above and said you were at a level “4” with your pain, and you had been in pain for five weeks, Cluffy® would score that as a “20” (4 x 5 = 20). However, if you were to say you were at a level 8 on the pain scale and had been experiencing that pain for ten weeks, we would put you at a score of 80 (8X10). The higher the score, the longer it will take and the more involved it will be to improve your heel pain.

With this in mind, we have created a pain-score scale (below) which will allow you to see what products are best for you to get the most relief from your foot and heel pain with our Cluffy® products. Before knowing what to get, simply find your pain score number as in the examples above. (Use the level of pain on the pain scale times the number of weeks you have been in pain). With that number, look below to find the corresponding Cluffy® products that can help you.

  • The best product to start with is a Cluffy Wedge® for your sandals and a Lux Step® insole for your shoes. This will get your big toe unlocked and allow you to walk correctly, relieving pain.

  • 40 – 60: Lux Step®, Cluffy Wedge®, and add the Heel Pain Relief Kit
    Using the Lux Step® for your shoes, Cluffy Wedge® for your sandals, and the Heel Pain Relief Kit for your feet, you will ensure that your feet are being stretched and massaged – allowing for maximum pain relief. This triple-combo of Cluffy® products allows for you to rehab your heel at home on a daily basis. Note: in order to get the most out of your Cluffy® products, you need to choose only shoes with a large enough toe box to accommodate the lift under your big toe. These shoes include work boots, dress shoes, cross trainers, cleats, flats, tennis shoes, hiking shoes, casual shoes.

  • At this level of pain, most customers will want to use our full line of products. The Lux Step® insole for shoes, the Cluffy Wedge® for sandals, the Heel Pain Relief Kit for pain management and heel rehab, and the Strassburg Sock to bring about even more relief to your heel.
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Lux Step® for your shoes; Cluffy Wedge® for your sandals.

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Lux Step®, Cluffy Wedge®, and add the Heel Pain Relief Kit

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Add the Heel Pain Relief Kit and the Strassburg Sock

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