Cluffy, LLC was started in 2002 by Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Dr. James Clough, while working on commercializing a patented product called the Cluffy Wedge®. This product was the culmination of years of research and study regarding proper foot function and how to get the foot to work better to relieve much of the foot pain he was seeing in his practice.

Many of Dr. Clough’s patients were not responding as well as he liked with traditional insoles and shoes for resolution of their foot pain. The development of the Cluffy Wedge was a breakthrough in the resolution of foot pain. Over 800,000 pairs of these devices have been sold as of 2019.

The recent launch of the Lux Step® insole, which incorporates the Cluffy Wedge, as well as several patent-pending insole corrections, carries our mission a step further, providing an even more complete method of helping those who suffer from foot pain, at an affordable price.
Cluffy, LLC is based in Polson, MT and manufactures all products in the USA.

Cluffy character is demonstrated through the values we live and work by in all that we do to become your trusted brand for foot pain relief.

Bringing hope and freedom to lives plagued by foot pain

Our Values

  • Integrity: We say what we mean and we mean what we say.
    • We provide reliable and consistent service and our business practices are always above reproach. We approach all of our work and our customers with honesty, honor and uprightness.
  • Innovation: We create inspired and original products.
    • We continually work to bring meaningful solutions for our customers that transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns and relationships. We work toward an inspired vision and apply ingenuity, resourcefulness and creativity.
  • Excellence: We create products and provide customer service in a way that we are proud of and our customers think so too.
    • Excellence is part of who we are but there’s always more to achieve so we pursue excellence inspiring our partners to do the same. Our pursuit drives fineness, brilliance and merit in every activity, duty and product.
  • Respect: We honor all our customers, vendors, partners and one another.
    • We listen to our customers, vendors, partners and one another. We believe diversity of knowledge, background and experiences will produce the most needed solution. So, we value the feedback from our customers but also value one another’s ideas to create what is needed.
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