In the previous post, we mentioned how physical health can affect other areas in your life. Working with a podiatrist, we are acutely aware of the implications of foot pain on a person’s health. We’ve heard patients decrease their activity level when they were not able to walk properly and had pain. As they decreased their activity, their health declined also. I’ve even seen how children will adapt to a more sedentary lifestyle when they experienced foot or leg pain. I would even go so far as saying that this lifestyle can even dictate the kind of friends a child has, which most certainly affects much more in someone’s life.

Foot pain has a domino effect of pain to the rest of your body. Have you ever seen how the fall of one domino can cause a chain reaction to hundreds of other dominos to fall? Fixing something along the way may help relieve the pain to some degree but to truly have your body function as it was originally designed, you need to find the root cause of the problem. When you deal with the root cause, usually, the solution is much simpler. The problem simply lies in identifying that root cause. The further that pain radiates away from the foot, the harder it is to think that your foot is actually the one causing that problem.

We’ve seen how your big toe, that one little element from the rest of the body, can cause pain in your foot, your heel, your ankle, your knees up through your hip and to the lower back. If you have these conditions, we invite you on this journey to restore your foot health. Once you feel better, can we encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will positively impact all the things you do in life? We want you to step better and feel better and have a healthy, well-balanced life.